What is Moms Talk?

What is Moms Talk?

NewsChannel 10's Moms Talk is a all around marketing solution for businesses and a full suite of resources for Moms. The perfect connecting point for Moms to get answers and businesses to talk about their unique ability to save time, save money or add resources to make life easier.

Moms are busy and don't have time to waste and they are always looking for a deal to save money or time.  Moms are responsible for 85% of the buying decisions in the home. Women control $2.1 Trillion of spending in the U.S. each year.

Who are moms?

  • 34% of women aged 18-64 have young children at home, compared to 1960 when 58% did
  • 2012 – average first time mom age was 25.8, up from 21.4 in 1970
  • 69% of moms are married, 15% are separated, widowed, or divorced, and 15% were never married

How many kids do they have?

  • 1/3 of moms ages 40-44 have 2 children, 19% have had one or three, 10% have had 4 or more, and about 19% have had no children

2017 Pew Research says: "Moms like businesses that provide Products & Services that  Make Life Simpler"

  1. Think about me and my life style.
  2. I want a deal.
  3. I go to who I know

Why would you not market your wonderful business to Moms in our area? Your business is built to serve the needs outlined above. 

Let us help tell your story with a complete marketing solution we have simply named "Moms Talk" in English or "Hablando con Mama" in Spanish.

Our Partnership with you includes:

  • Television Schedule
  • Radio Schedule
  • Microsite
  • Two Minute Interview on Moms Talk with Christy Bertolino
  • Social Media Live Video – Christy Bertolino

?Plus Receive Free:

  • Message Mapping Consultation
  • Current Digital Analysis

?Do you want more information? We will make it simple. Email rlintner@newschannel10.com and we will reach out to you and schedule an appointment.