Prosecution and defense rest in Spielbauer capital murder trial

Updated: Jan. 24, 2018 at 10:51 PM CST
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Katie Spielbauer (Source: Randall County Jail)
Katie Spielbauer (Source: Randall County Jail)
Robin Spielbauer, Source: KFDA
Robin Spielbauer, Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The prosecution and defense both rested their cases today in the capital murder trial of Jeremy Spielbauer, who's accused of killing his ex-wife Robin Spielbauer.

While the prosecution took six days to present their case, the defense took only hours.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren said he was surprised that it didn't take the defense very long to present.

"I thought there might be maybe a day, day and a half of testimony and evidence," said Farren. "So it's a little faster than I anticipated."

Today, the defense called the defendant's parents to the stand who brought some new information to the table for the jury.

His step-mom claims Robin had previously mentioned she was scared that Jeremy's then-wife Katie Phipps was going to kill her.

Both parents also testified that the night after Robin's death, they witnessed Katie and Jeremy reading a newspaper article about the murder in which Katie stated "the vehicles weren't parked that way," suggesting she could have been there the night of the crime.

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Farren said Katie and Jeremy could have been comparing pictures that they previously saw from other news articles.

He also said the fact Jeremy's parents didn't immediately tell police raises some red flags.

"These individuals who had this fairly important information didn't mention a word to anybody prior to Katie's arrest, and didn't mention a word to anybody for a year and a half, two years after that," said Farren. "Only after [Jeremy] was arrested did they have an epiphany and suddenly remember this important information. I think the jury will see very little value in what they had to say."

The jury also heard a 2014 recorded interview of Katie's son Diego Phipps, who she claims she was with the entire night of Robin's murder.

In that interview, Diego stated he was at a friend's house with Katie before they left to go home and that he was pretty sure she did not commit the crime.

However in that interview he also claims he had seen Jeremy's truck on a country road "too many times to count" and that it may have taken them longer than usual to get home that night.

Farren said investigators questioning Diego in that interview were trying to get him to say what they wanted to hear.

"The primary goal was to somehow persuade him to admit he was on Helium Road that night," said Farren. "That he was there when Robin died."

Farren also said Diego and Katie have never told a different story to investigators.

"Both Diego and his mother have at least, among other things, this in common- their stories have never changed," said Farren. "Mr. Spielbauer's has never stopped changing."

Katie Phipps was initially arrested in the crime and spent 466 days behind bars before the charges were later dropped.

Farren said there's no doubt in his mind that they have the right person this time.

"I've been doing this over 30 years and it's a circumstantial evidence case, but it's a strong circumstantial evidence case as I've ever seen," said Farren. "Tomorrow I will delineate 21 different circumstantial issues and items of evidence that I believe prove beyond any reasonable doubt that [Jeremy] Spielbauer murdered Robin Spielbauer on the night of April 7th, 2014."

We were unable to catch the defense attorney before he left the courthouse for the day.

The defense and prosecution with both have 50 minutes to present their closing arguments Thursday.

NewsChannel10 crews will be in the courtroom and will bring you the latest as new developments are made.

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