ENMU running back plays in Dream Bowl

ENMU running back plays in Dream Bowl

PORTALES, N.M. (KFDA) - Kamal Cass has had a decorated football career, from New Mexico Gatorade Player of the Year to greatest Greyhound.

"I honestly think if there's ever been a running back at Eastern New Mexico University that has a chance to play on the pro level it's Kamal Cass," said Donald Elder.

The shifty running back was able to showcase his skills one more time last week in Roanoke Virginia for the dream bowl to try impress some scouts.

"It was a senior bowl it was in front of some scouts CFL scouts NFL scouts try to get our name out there because we're small school guys," said Cass.

"We don't get a lot of attention so that game was just kinda give a little exposure just in case there is someone out there that they didn't know about that maybe they needed to know about."

And as expected, his performance on the field didn't disappoint.

"Had a good showing was able to catch the ball, caught 4 or 5 passes out of the backfield. which was good for him to be able to showcase something he didn't do a lot in our offense, as well as being a return man. you know were just hoping he does well in his pro day," said Lee.

"I think as long as he gets into a camp he's gonna turn some heads. you know as a running back, he's not gonna be a problem guy he's not gonna be whining or  complaining about carries, he'll play special teams."

Cass is the all time leading rusher for Clovis High School and Eastern New Mexico University.

Needless to say, he hasn't gone unnoticed.

I'd like to think that i have a fairly extensive vocabulary but i ran out of superlatives to use to describe Kamal Cass about halfway through his sophomore season," said Elder. "The guy is just a generational running back and i had the privilege to broadcasting his games. I don't think even if i broadcast another 25 years i won't see another Kamal Cass."

"It's unique a lot times when the guy that's probably your most high profiled player arguably your best player is also one of the best people in your program, and that's Kamal," said Lee. "Works hard, unselfish, his stats don't mean anything. he doesn't follow them he doesn't care if he got the ball 3 times or 30 times."

Like many college athletes, Kamal has his eyes set on the next level.

"Well of course, you know the dream is always definitely the NFL but i mean kinda whatever presents itself that's what I'm going to do if its CFL even going up to Europe to play that would even be cool. like i said i'm just kinda playing it by ear right now and we'll just see where it goes," said Cass.

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