Jeremy Spielbauer claims to be at crime scene, but not at time of murder

Updated: Jan. 19, 2018 at 10:35 PM CST
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Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Robin Spielbauer, Source: KFDA
Robin Spielbauer, Source: KFDA

RANDALL COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - Prosecution witness testimonies continued today in the capital murder trial of Jeremy Spielbauer, who's accused of killing his ex-wife, Robin Spielbauer in 2014.

The courtroom was packed once again as the prosecution continued to present their case.

Two more videos of Jeremy Spielbauer's 2014 interviews with the Randall County Sheriff's Office were presented today.

Sergeant Alan Mongold spent another day on the stand as the state presented the videos of Jeremy Spielbauer's interviews with him.

In the first two videos, Jeremy maintained he was home during Robin Spielbauer's murder, but Mongold said his story wasn't adding up.

Finally when he came back to interview on April 30, 2014 he confirms he did go to meet Robin at 34th and Helium Road when his then-wife Katie Spielbauer showed up.

Jeremy then said in the interview that he left the scene before anything happened.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren said the interviews not only show that Jeremy's story changed multiple times but also that he contradicts himself repeatedly.

"I think it demonstrates Mr. Spielbauer throughout this investigation has told so many different stories and so many different versions that he loses track of what he's said," said Farren.

Farren also said Jeremy's final story is "the perfect storm."

"JD's story evolved in each subsequent video and got closer and closer to what sergeant Mongold wanted to hear," said Farren. "The common thread throughout these four videos is 'I wasn't there, I wasn't there, I wasn't there, okay I was there but I wasn't there when the trigger was pulled.'"

Jeremy's defense attorney Joe Marr Wilson said they stand by his final statement.

"Our theory is the case has always been that confrontation happened and Robin Spielbauer was killed by Katie Spielbauer and JD didn't want to accept it and tried to protect her," said Wilson. "And then you see a progression of sort of three different stages of that before he finally with the help of council understands that he can't protect her anymore."

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Robin's mother Jackie Bledsoe took the stand again today as well as Robin's friend Erin House.

The two testified that Robin always carried her bank card, social security card along with her two daughters' social security cards in her wallet.

However, her wallet was not recovered from the scene.

Farren said her daughters' social security cards were then found in Jeremy's truck during a search warrant.

But Wilson says that doesn't make him guilty.

"I think probably that the testimony that it was always on her person, and that she always had it and we know it was in her billfold without a doubt is probably people wanting to say what they think is helpful," said Wilson. "Most of us don't know where half of our things are. And we believe that'll be addressed a little further along in the trial."

Another Randall County deputy testified that Robin's social security card was later found at a Subway Shop at 34th and Coulter.

He says employees there told him the card was brought in by a homeless man.

The prosecution will continue to present their case on Monday, and Farren said they're are on schedule to complete their case next week.

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