Amarillo strongwoman uses success to inspire others

Amarillo strongwoman uses success to inspire others

Kat Dooley's journey to fitness started off how many of us plan to start our new year.

"I actually started overweight. I started over 200 pounds. When I was a New Year's resolutioner, I dropped a whole bunch of weight. I got down to about 120 [pounds]," said Dooley. "I was an endurance cyclist, and then from that I started to gain the strength that I needed through crossfit, and from crossfit I went to strongman."

Her hard work and dedication from only two years in strongman has lead her to new boundaries. Dooley has qualified to compete in the 2018 Arnold Amateur Strongwoman World Championships.

"This is my dream. I saw these woman competing in the Arnold and I told myself, 'That would be the coolest thing, if I ever got to go to the Arnold,'" said Kat. "Then I got my invitation, and I was blown away."

Dooley sets out to inspire all, but the one person she inspires the most is her star pupil; Her 11-year-old daughter Rachel.

"This is inspiration to me because I see all these people coming in because they want to be like my mom," said Rachel

"It's a great honor to actually show women that being strong has nothing to do with how you look," said Dooley. "It has everything to do with your capabilities as an individual."

The secret to Kat's success, though, is that she only gives herself one option.

"There's one secret, one thing: it's not an option. The days you don't wanna do it, do it," said Kat. "The days you don't feel like doing it, do it. It's not an option. The best, most successful secret is not making it an option."

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