Bike lane proposed by concerned residents

Updated: Dec. 29, 2017 at 7:09 PM CST
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Residents of the Oliver-Eakle neighborhood are asking the city of Amarillo for bike lanes on two major streets.

On Tyler St. there is no stop signs or stop lights from 34th Avenue, all the way to 15th, leading into downtown. The only thing slowing down traffic is a small dip in the road, leaving some residents concerned.

"The neighborhood association has two goals," said Steve Pair, president of the Plemons-Eakle Neighborhood Association. "One to address the speeding on Tyler & Harrison and the second, to try to make our neighborhood pedestrian friendly".

The hope of the added bike lane is that drivers will be more aware of pedestrians and less likely to step on the gas.

"If you live on those two streets, you'd say speeding is a problem on my street," Pair said.

Speed isn't the only reason residents are proposing the bike lane. Bikers themselves want to feel more safe.

"It'll be a lot safer if it would be one single type thing where it would be way out of the traffic," said Jeff Stockwell, a local bicyclist. "That would be great, cause I had an incident where a guy just flew right in front of me. If I hadn't been paying attention, bam, I'da hit the side of his door."

"Studies have to be done and steps have to be taken. If we do bike lanes funding would come to a play there," said Pair. "So maybe the middle of 2018 we'd like to see something"

Residents wrote the city council about their worries, and action is beginning to be taken.

The association will meet with the city on January 9th to discuss the proposal and voice their concerns.