A timeline of Billy Glenn Ivy Jr. incidents

A timeline of Billy Glenn Ivy Jr. incidents
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More charges have been filled against a growing list of crimes prosecutors say were committed by or with Billy Glenn Ivy Jr.

49 year-old Billy Glenn Ivy Jr. is being charged murder-for-hire case is a long and winding path that encompasses multiple layers and multiple stories.

As the year goes on, more information is unveiled and more people are shown to be in connection with the incident.

In March Ivy was arrested in Quay County, New Mexico on a warrant for 'Attempted Capital Murder.'

34 year-old Kimber Danielle Eisenhaur was taken into custody along with Ivy. Police say Eisenhaur was given a firearm and money, and was instructed to kill a man.

A few weeks after the arrest, Tyree Sandford was taken into custody by Amarillo police.

Sanford was the suspected arsonist in a 2014 incident where a tractor was set on fire. The tractor was believed to be owned by the intended murder-for-hire victim.

Then in May, Investigators of the Special Crimes Unit arrested Ivy again. Both him and Joanie Kay Ivy were taken into custody and charged with 'third degree felony of tampering with a witness.'

In May, the FBI released a statement naming Billy Glenn Ivy Jr. the primary suspect in the disappearance of Nicole Moore.

Moore disappeared in December of 2016.

The 28 year-old was supposed to go on a trip with Ivy to buy marijuana, but was afraid to go alone. Moore and Ivy's cell phones showed them together in a parking lot near Soncy and I40 parking before heading west.

Despite being the prime suspect, Ivy is not facing charges in her disappearance.

In July Ivy plead guilty to a federal charge of possession of unregistered firearm silencers. He posted $10,000 bond and was released.

However, Ivy did not remain free for long.

In September an undercover Amarillo SWAT officer arrested Ivy. Police say Ivy made several calls to the undercover officer, offering money to murder multiple people.

Once back in jail, his release option was revoked.

In September, Amarillo police was involved in a SWAT standoff with 45 year-old Billy Joe Elmore. Through an investigation, Elmore was found to be associated with the murder-for-hire plot.

At one point during the standoff Elmore was shot and killed by police.

Kimberly Dison and Tyler Geisdorf were both taken in to custody in connection with Ivy's murder-for-hire plot.

In October, a Potter County grand jury indicted Ivy on two counts of paying, and promising payment for killing two men.

Two others were indicted as well.

Amber Stone was indicted for arson of the tractor in 2014; Patrick Clemons was indicted for being the alleged 'hitman' in the murder-for-hire plot.

On Monday November 13 a federal judge sentenced Ivy to 41 months in jail, and ordered he pay a $25,000 fine for owning unregistered gun silencers.

The next step in the murder-for-hire case is for Ivy to face charges in a local court.

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