Guidelines for a warm, safe home during the holidays

Guidelines for a warm, safe home during the holidays
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As the holiday season fast approaches, cooler weather can create potential hazards in your home.

While warm days are still a possibility, as the end of the year comes up, the weather will soon shift to cooler temperatures

The Amarillo Fire Department has released a list of actions one can do to keep your home warm and safe.

Following these actions can prevent accidents in your home or on your property:

  • Always keep a safety zone around heating equipment
  • Keep children and pets supervised
  • Never leave any form of cooking unattended
  • Secure all vacant or outbuildings on property
  • Be sure to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Space heaters and other warming devices are an effective way to heat your home while saving money. However, those devices can also create an extreme fire hazard.

A good rule of thumb for heating equipment is to always double-check them before plugging them in to an outlet. Make sure wires are not frayed.

A great safeguard to protect potentially flammable belongings in your home is to create three feet of clearance around warming fixtures.

That includes floor furnaces, portable electric heaters and even home fireplaces.

All fireplaces should have a guard to protect embers from catching on carpet or objects. Remember to clean out a fireplace before using it for the first time this season.

Always check the flume before sparking any fire. Even if it has been recently used, someone may have closed it without you realizing it.

Holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, meaning your home may soon be full of guests coming over to spend time.

Be mindful of hot food on a stove or even a lit candle.

With all the extra movement and distractions from added guests, it would be very easy for something to get knocked over.

Keep distractions in mind too when you go to cook a holiday dinner. Never leave a running stove or oven on without supervision.

Property owners are encouraged to start locking up vacant structures.

During this time of year, animals and people might try to take up shelter in them. That could lead to unsecured fires being set for warmth, which could then get out of control and cause damage.

The Amarillo Fire Department also wants to remind residents to check their fire alarms.

If a simple device like a smoke detector is checked regularly, it could end up saving a life.

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