New red light camera locations being considered

Published: Oct. 26, 2017 at 1:55 AM CDT|Updated: Oct. 26, 2017 at 3:39 PM CDT
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Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More red light cameras could be coming to some Amarillo streets.

Thursday morning a citizen advisory committee will consider recommending red light cameras be removed from three intersections in town, and added to five new places.

This would bring the city's total of camera-monitored intersections up from nine to 11.

Right now you'll see red light cameras at the following intersections:

  1. NB and SB Coulter St. @ Elmhurst Dr.
  2. SB S. Pierce St. @ SE 3rd St.
  3. SB S. Pierce St. @ SE 11th Ave.
  4. NB S. Ross St. @ E. I-40 south frontage road
  5. WB W I-40 north frontage road @ Coulter St.
  6. NB Amarillo Blvd W./I-40 @ Tascosa Rd./Gem Lake Rd.
  7. WB Amarillo Blvd E./I-40 @ N. Pierce St.
  8. WB Amarillo Blvd E./I-40 @ N. Fillmore St.
  9. SB S. Taylor  St./US 287 @ SE 10th Ave.

The Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement Citizen Advisory Committee is recommending those cameras be removed from the following intersections:

  1. NB and SB Coulter St. @ Elmhurst Dr.
  2. SB S. Pierce St. @ SE 11th Ave.
  3. WB Amarillo Blvd E./I-40 @ N. Fillmore St.

Data from the traffic and police departments showed very few crashes have happened at those intersections over the past few years.

"We looked strictly at the safety issues and the Traffic Advisory Committee heard about traffic volumes, numbers of accidents at an intersection, and the numbers of right angle crashes," said Steve Rogers, Chairman of the Traffic Advisory Committee.

After looking at 90 intersections city wide, the committee narrowed it down to seven locations they recommend installing red light cameras:

  1. SB S. Taylor  St./US 287 @ SE 10th Ave.
  2. WB I-40 frontage road @ S. Grand St.
  3. SB S. Grand St. @ I-40 frontage Road
  4. WB S.E. 3rd St. @ S. Buchanan St.
  5. SB S. Pierce St. @ Amarillo Blvd
  6. NB S. Georgia St. @ S.W. 26th Ave.
  7. NB S. Bell St. @ Plains Blvd

Some Amarillo residents are glad more cameras are coming.

"I think it is a positive move due to the overloaded traffic on the side streets due to the construction in town," said resident Steve Pullen.

Others don't think the additions will help control traffic violations.
"I don't think they're very effective to begin with," said resident Alyssa Harrison. "I...find that if you go over the line there are times when it captures your car and you haven't even driven through the red light."

Rogers said if the committee's recommendations are agreed upon and approved by the city council, installations may not occur until the middle of next year.

They will continue to monitor several intersections around town to see if cameras need to be moved again.

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