Our Perspective on the future of Amarillo with a new city council

Our Perspective on the future of Amarillo with a new city council

What will the future look like for Amarillo? That has been the talk lately with a new City Council, a New City Manager, and a new AEDC CEO.

Consultants have been listening to a variety of people on what to include in a strategic plan for Amarillo's journey into the future.

Both the city itself and the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation are paying for the study that will set goals as far out as 20 years with more specific action steps over the next five.

At a recent public meeting, about 35 people showed up with a few commenting about the proposed plan. One notable voice wondered why anyone was even bothering to plan anything since he thinks Amarillo never follows through.

The consultant said he was just presenting a plan based on community input, and it's up to that community to put it into action.

Will it be the case that the stars are aligned for change? The proposed changes aren't even that dramatic, more a matter of boosting our positives and toning down our negatives.

Our perspective is that Amarillo has the opportunity for positive growth with a plan and action and the stage seems to be set. Entirely new city council. New city manager. New CEO at AEDC with plans to sell Amarillo as a business destination on the national stage.

Distrust of leaders or just a general bad self-image doesn't have to hold Amarillo back like it has in the past. What's your perspective? Can Amarillo let itself succeed?

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