Our Perspective on Amarillo's new leaders

Our Perspective on Amarillo's new leaders

This last Saturday elections were held all over the Panhandle for many things from city government positions to bonds and school boards.

Each community had different initiatives and needs. Leaders stood up and made claims on how they would address certain issues and make things better.

In the matter of the Amarillo City Council Elections, leaders from the incumbent positions and new leaders stood up and made claims to garner your vote. Saturday night when the numbers were clear, Mayor-elect Ginger Nelson made an acceptance speech and said, "We will now stop tackling each other and start tackling the issues that our community faces."

There was a clean sweep in the Amarillo City Council Election. In my Perspective, it symbolized a community that wanted change.

Whether you like the candidates or the winners, I think we can all agree it is time to move forward and get a strong plan in place to make Amarillo as great as we can for this generation and future generations of Amarilloans.

I thank the elected officials for stepping up and stepping into the sometimes-brutal world of politics as they see a greater vision, feel a sense of service and hold onto hope to bring a better way to their area of responsibility.

It's not always perfect and it is complicated most times, so do the right things, tackle the issues and serve with integrity in these next years. We will all be watching and rooting for you as we all succeed or fail together.

What's your Perspective for our new leadership in Amarillo and in the surrounding communities? You have voted, and now what? Let us know. We want to hear your thoughts.

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