Need a helping hand? The Panhandle is here for you and me

Need a helping hand? The Panhandle is here for you and me

We are blessed to live in an area where people take care of each other.

I see people paying for others meals in a drive-thru window, donating to causes and simply lending a helping hand to people around them.

In a world that is so self-centered, I think it is important to take a moment and say thanks to you, the citizens of Amarillo and the Panhandle for volunteering your time, pledging your money and looking out for others.

Many non-profits are raising money today, as they do every day, to fund efforts to improve the world around us. Let me point out a few that you can help in one way or another:

  • Heal the City is a free clinic that is open every Monday to provide healthcare to people at no charge.
  • The American Heart Association raises money for local technology improvements, coordinated services for quick response and funds local research to improve treatment.
  • The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon along with the regional United Way offices raise money to help people get up and out of situations; from a single mom needing child care so she can work, to a person needing help after a tragedy, to assistance for our elderly with basic needs and educating our community about nutrition, living drug free and being a good citizen.
  • The High Plains Food Bank sends food all over the Panhandle and supports a basic need for many people with help from thousands of people at varying levels.

In my Perspective, if you have ever been helped at some level by someone reaching out and giving us a boost forward -- like I have been -- it is important to give that boost back.

We live in a large area filled with people with large hearts. I encourage you to look around and continue to support our community agencies with your time and money.

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