The fight for justice for Braxton Blue continues

The fight for justice for Braxton Blue continues

DUMAS, TX (KFDA) - An area mother remains on a mission to gain closure, four years after the death of her son.

They say a mother's love knows no boundaries. And Sherri Blue knows that better than anyone. She yearns for just one thing...closure.

But she says the silence of people who matter in the case are keeping her from that.

Fond memories are all that remain.

"Everybody just loved him, he always never was mad, always happy, always smiling," says Sherri.

February 4th is a day Sherri Blue relives constantly. It's the day her youngest son Braxton went missing from Dumas. He had gone to visit his girlfriend the night before. And when the Blues woke up to check if he was home, Braxton's bed was empty.

Under his bed was a notebook, and inside a letter apologizing to his family for not being better. This was later what police considered to be a suicide note, however Sherri believes otherwise.

"It was just at that moment when you get up and you gut, something in your gut, something in your momma gut tells you something's wrong."

Dumas Police began to search and follow up on multiple leads, and the family began searching Dumas and surrounding areas.

"You know, it's tough to lose a kid," says Dumas Detective Sgt. Nick Jordan. "I've got 2 of my own and I couldn't even fathom the pain she's going through. I believe that our department has done everything that we could do to possibly follow up on every lead that was given to us by other people and the family."

More tips led law enforcement officials to Dalhart and other areas in Hartley County..the search continued for months. And during those months, the family heard rumors about the possibility of Braxton being killed.

On May 18th, Sherri received the phone call no mother should have to hear.

The Hartley County Sheriff's Office said they believe they found Braxton's body near what is known as Rita Blanca, and he committed suicide.

Sherri says this is where the red flags began. The family had searched that same area high and low, and turned up nothing.

"There are spots on a death certificate that tell you...accident, suicide, homicide, natural causes and ours is marked undetermined," says Sherri. "Well that just kind of leaves everything hanging in the air."

"The ruling was made by the JP. That's where it comes from, "undetermined." The justice of the peace at the time ruled it as undetermined, so that's where it stands," says Hartley County Sheriff Franky Scott.

Another concern of the family, is no casing was found, nor was the gun tested for any fingerprints. Sheriff Scott says, there were no prints to test for.

"The gun is really dirty, corroded and stuff because when we got a hold of it and stuff that thing is messed up, it's in bad condition."

After Braxton was buried, the stories stopped for a while, but they picked up again and to this day, law enforcement officials and Sherri receive leads regularly. But there's one one will speak with authorities or give their names.

"As a mom, if they could prove to me that it was 100 percent suicide, that would be way better than being told your son was beat to death, and then shot to make it look like a suicide," says Sherri.

Sheriff Scott says they have and will continue to pursue any other leads that come in.

But as a family, the Blues crave closure.

"But more than anything, I just want Justice for Braxton. He deserves that."

Sherri has set up a Facebook where she and others share memories of Braxton, and where they can keep up with any possible developments.

You can find that by clicking here.

If you have any information whatsoever about this case, you are asked to contact the Hartley County Sheriff's Office.

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