Local young woman gives back to the homeless community

Local young woman gives back to the homeless community


Amarillo resident, Michelle Haney, is taking an online course with Arizona State University.

For one of her assignments she had to research a local problem within her community.

She decided to focus on Amarillo's homeless and their lack of basic necessities.

After posting the event and getting the word out. The assignment evolved to something much more.

In a week's time she planned a hygiene drive at Ellwood Park. The event allowed people from the Panhandle to donate items that many others take from granted.

"They may not get the opportunity to take a shower every single day, but at least they have those products for when they need it. I'm going to be very happy, thankful and humble for doing this. I just want to help those that need help, you know," Haney said. 

Charles Parker, is one of the many that Haney is trying to help. He said without this event he would have continued to face the consequences of poor hygiene.

"It's very difficult especially when you're homeless. I spend the little money I have on food and drinks. You just don’t have it for hygiene, so this makes a really big difference," he said.

Haney donated items to the needy and the remaining items will be donated to local shelters like the Salvation Army in Amarillo.

She said this drive have become more than an assignment in the classroom. She will now continue hosting the event once a month with local organizations like Food Not Bombs. 

Haney says it is now one of her missions in life to help those who need a hand up in life.