Customer service scammers seek to take control of your technology and your money

Customer service scammers seek to take control of your technology and your money

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Lately many customers have been facing an ongoing problem, and that's customer service scams.

There has been people all over the world creating fake businesses, websites and contact numbers, posing as customer service agents associated with household names.

One company dealing with this issue is Amazon. Some of their customers have fallen victim to these scams.

Alluo Technical Support, is a company that Amazon determine to be illegitimate through investigation. They posed as a customer service branch that assist companies like Amazon, Netflix and the Cloud.

After seeing the comments by their victims I decided to create a fake email address, a Google number, and a fake  Amazon Prime account. I gave the company a call with the false information.

They then informed me that I'm being hacked from another country and that they need to take over my computer. After I told the representative that the system wasn't supporting the software, he hung up and blocked my number.

Colby Gatlin, the Assistant Vice President of the Fraud Department at Happy State Bank said that's why they ask you to download the software. Scammers will do anything to get your information and your cash.

"They can leave back doors within the computer and access that in the future when you're not engaging with them. From there, they can search registries on the computer looking for previous passwords that used previous texts in the computer and possibly attempt to access other accounts," Gatlin said.

We spoke with Amarillo Police Department's Jeb Hilton, and he said these incidents have only increased within the past year.

The department has received calls from victims pertaining to the IRS,  customer service and even billing.

"Right now it's tax season and  we seem to get more from IRS scams as oppose to different people calling throughout the year. We had some from Google, we had some from the FBI , we get some that even said we are the APD. You need to come and payoff your warrants or we will come and pick you up," said Officer Hilton.

The best way to make sure the site is secure is by making sure there is a lock symbol within the URL verifying the site is secured. Also, look for the letter (s) after the HTTP in the URL and last but not least  don't click on any unwanted emails.

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