Curry County Adult Detention Center to see upgrades

Curry County Adult Detention Center to see upgrades
(Source: KFDA)
(Source: KFDA)

CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - Curry County now has enough financial backing to upgrade the county's adult detention center.

The plan to renovate the detention center has been discussed for years but now, the county has a budget of about $10 million.

Right now, Curry County Commissioners are working with architects on four different expansion options that are meant to accommodate the needs of the detainees.

The facility is meeting state standards but there are plans to add bed space and provide better medical care.

"Everything is done in a phase, but the first thing that we will do is the construction piece," said Curry County Detention Center administrator, Mark Gallegos. "The architects and everybody involved are making sure we have a methodical plan of action, to make sure that we don't lose any type of security or control of the detainees and we will make sure that all the needs will be met."

One of the main focal points of the expansion is the medical center.

The county wants to continue to meet state standards and plans to add either a new medical center or renovate the current standing one.

The detention center is also considering adding more exercise space, though it currently has one outside recreation area and one inside.

"One of the other decisions is trying to make enough room in the center to be able to house people properly," said Curry County Commissioner, Benjamin Smith. "We also want to house the inmates, depending on their status. We are trying to be as efficient as possible."

With about $10 million, the county can add at least 48 more beds and two new courtyards.

But if more funds become available the expansion could add space for more than 90 inmates.

"We are focusing on adding more beds and definitely upgrading the booking area, so we can separate the males and females as they come in," says Gallegos.

The county is now discussing which of the four options will better accommodate the future needs of the center.

Ultimately, the construction is expected to begin as soon as fall.

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