Amarillo Municipal Court providing new ways to resolve citations

Amarillo Municipal Court providing new ways to resolve citations

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Municipal Court is working to help you fairly resolve any outstanding tickets. The court is trying to let residents know that no matter the status of a citation their are several new ways to resolve it.

Even if a warrant has been issued the city wants you to know there are still options. Municipal Court Judges and court staff will work with each individual to find the best possible solution. Depending on the circumstances, solutions can include trials before a judge or jury, payment plans, community service, deferred payments, driving safety courses and they have made it easier to do it online.

"You can do anything from signing up for defensive driving, sign up for deferred payments and you can plead not guilty," says Court Administrator Victoria Jaramillo Medley. "We are doing a lot more court contact through our email address as before it was done through traditional mail."

The city kicked off the compliance campaign at the beginning of the month. They are looking to push people to resolve and pay their citations on the cities newly revamped website. During the month of February, if you have an outstanding citation an information card will be included in city water bills and active warrant post cards will be mailed to your home.

Now, the cities website is designed for you to be able to use your smart phone or pay from home. The goal was to make paying outstanding citations easier, which removes your name from the warrant list.

"The court has really made an effort to offer more services, that are more user friendly that the public can have access to without coming down here,"  says Medley. "So this year we decided to refocus and really think about what can we do to get the message out to the community on how to handle a citation."

Almost 99% of all cases and citations can be handled online. You can sign up for defensive driving courses, pay your citations and plead no contest or not guilty. However, if you face criminal charges such as drug paraphernalia or theft you will still have to come into court to resolve the issue.

Anyone with an outstanding citation is encouraged to email the city at, visit their web page at, call at (806) 378-3072 or come to the court to resolve the matter.

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