The difference between City Council and City Manager

The difference between City Council and City Manager

In talking to many of you, our viewers, and watching our City Council it seems there are different views about who does what inside city government.

The perception may be that the City Council makes every decision -- even on daily topics.

The Texas Municipal League describes the City of Amarillo as a council/manager form of government, meaning it's like a corporation with a board of directors and a president to take care of day-to-day operations.

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Even if the policymakers are not getting along, they aren't totally in control.

The City Council is the board, deciding policy, and the city manager is hired to execute the plan and manage all the people involved.

The City Manager creates the annual budget and the council reviews, makes changes, approves and then creates a plan to pay for the budget, including tax rates.

This will be an interesting year with a new city manager working someone else's budget and a new mayor and potential for new council members.

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