Local Woman is Called the Saving Grace of Toys For Tots in Amarillo

Local Woman is Called the Saving Grace of Toys For Tots in Amarillo

Carole Hamlin is called the saving grace of the Toys for Tots in Amarillo. Since 2010 she's given countless hours of her free time to help coordinate events, bring in volunteers, and collect toys without receiving a single pay check.

Throughout the years she has raised over $70,000 for the organization and 85,000 toys for kids in the Panhandle. She says even as a little girl, she knew she wanted to help those who are less fortunate.

"I went to a school that people would consider underprivileged when I was a kid. I do know there were a lot kids that didn
t have a lot, and I remember as a child even that touching me and wanting that to not happen to any other kid, she said.

On top of juggling a family, a job and her work with the non-profit, she was soon faced with another obstacle in her life.

In 2014 Hamlin was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy radiation. But even though she was sick, she didn
t let that hinder her ability. She said it was her passion that drove her to push through and push forward.
"I went through a lot of radiation and finished around the end of October right when we already started with this. I was tired but I got through it," said Hamlin.
Now that she is cancer free, she says she will continue to devote herself her to the less fortunate kids of the community.

She also said that she doesn
t have a lot money to give, but what she does have is time, and she will choose to spend it helping others.

A local woman gives her time to an organization that helps both kids and adults ... Despite the many challenges she faced along the way.