Not all Texans on board with eliminating open carry permits

Not all Texans on board with eliminating open carry permits

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Not everyone is on board with the idea of eliminating permits for open carry of handguns, even here in Texas.

But that may soon become a reality in our state.

This idea is called constitutional carry and is legal in 11 other states.

Republican State Representative Jonathan Stickland has filed a bill to make constitutional carry legal in Texas for this coming legislative term, and is confident it will pass.

But some Amarillo residents are not on board with getting rid of gun permits.

If constitutional carry is approved, the state will no longer require any training, licensing or fees to openly carry a handgun.

Stickland said in a post on his Facebook page, "You should never have to pay a fee for the right to carry a firearm."

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Amarillo residents Thursday, some of whom agree with Stickland.

One man we met said he's planning to get his carry license soon, and it would be nice to be able to carry his handgun without having to go through the hassle of getting a permit.

But others we met were not so keen on the idea.

"It's the most Texas thing I've heard in a while," said Amarillo resident Lily Gamble. "It seems like it's pandering to the extremists who think that the Second Amendment has a legitimate chance of being taken away. It seems like a silly thing in my opinion."

"I think that we're over armed as a society as it is," said Amarillo resident Cyn Palmer. "Here in Texas it's already crazy, the degree to which people carry arms and are willing to pull them out in an instant and harm someone over something silly."

Stickland proposed that passing this bill is part of protecting the Second Amendment right of Texans.

He wrote online, "Can you imagine what our founding fathers would do if they were told they had to pass a government test and pay a fee to exercise their second amendment rights?"

"I think that people should be allowed to carry guns, definitely, but taking those permits, those provisions away really opens it up for a lot of mishaps that nobody could ever predict happening," said Amarillo resident Emma Peeples.

To read the bill as submitted to the state, you can click here.

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