Local Shoppers and Businesses Respond to Black Friday 2016

Local Shoppers and Businesses Respond to Black Friday 2016

Many diehard shoppers lined up for Black Friday 2016. It had its usual bargains, sales and major discounts, but this year brought something different than usual. Some retailers opened their doors on Thanksgiving and shoppers made sure they were present for the sale.

"I feel like everyone had their lunch and everyone was shopping together as families. I didn't see any drama I just felt like it was quality family time of people shopping together," said Shopper Starr Aviles

There was also places like JCPenny who had a high demand for early shoppers so they opened their store at 5 p.m. Employees felt that the change catered to many people.

"You see that excited Thursday customer that comes in for the values and the best of the best. The families come and it later turns into friends who are out with each other after having thanksgiving, and have coffee and go out and shop with each other. It's a really unique experience," said General Manager Mike Sanchez.

Not everyone agreed to the new trend of starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving. Todd Hill, the owner of Silverland Hallmark in Amarillo, says Thanksgiving is a sacred day of family and tradition which is why he closed down his establishment for that day.

"I don't see retail shopping as a necessity and my concern is that the emphasis of family will get a second seat to its going to be a big day to shop and I see that as a sad day for our culture," Hill said.

Sanchez went on to say that as time goes on many things will continue to change but it's up to shoppers to determine which direction things may go.

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