"Most Pro-Trump County in U.S." getting new, unwanted attention

"Most Pro-Trump County in U.S." getting new, unwanted attention

ROBERTS COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - A small town in the Texas Panhandle is having to deal with some unwanted attention after being dubbed the "Most Pro-Trump county in the Nation."

Though the election is over, voices of supporters for both parties remain loud and clear.

But the small town of Miami is being criticized for how they voted. More than 95 percent of Roberts County voters cast their ballot for President-Elect Donald Trump, the highest of any county in the United States.

"We voted what our hearts and minds told us to do, what would be best for us in our community and for our county," resident James Coombs said.

"We just saw a man that sounded like he spoke for what we were after and a lot of people out here cared for his ideals and we felt like that would be a good influence on the rest of the nation," said John Faith.

Miami, the county seat in Roberts, has a total population under 1,000 people.

The Republican voters, though the majority, say they are being criticized and degraded on social media since the county received its new nickname.

"On Facebook, there's been a lot of negative, but there's also been a lot of positive," Coombs said. "Each person is entitled to their own opinion and so we're just taking it as it comes."

Faith worries the title is inaccurately representing their town.

"They're just calling us a bunch of rednecks down here and that's not what this community is at all, this is a very highly thought of community all around the Texas panhandle and no matter the divisive issues going on outside of our town, it's like you come into this town, you're going to be accepted for who you are," Faith said. "It doesn't matter what choice you made."

But like many voters across the country, not everyone cast their vote solely in support of Trump. Faith said just as many were voting against Clinton.

"I'd almost draw that line right down the middle to be honest with you," Faith said. "Something about this one grabbed me, so I stuck with it and followed it and I'll see it to the end. And I hope we don't have to live it down.

"To be truthful, I'm anti-Hillary. As far as Trump, yes I voted for the man. I believe he could do great things for our country. He may not be able to keep all his promises, but at least the man's going to try to do the best that he can to his ability."

NewsChannel 10 spoke with one woman who said she was 1 of the 20 who cast her vote for Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. However, she did not wish to go on camera or give further comment.

One man we spoke with says he hopes protesters don't find their way into their quiet town, as he wants things to remain quiet.

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