Amarillo officials warning parents of dangers with 'Truth or Dare' apps

Amarillo officials warning parents of dangers with 'Truth or Dare' apps

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A dark twist to a classic game, has officials speaking out about the dangers of playing.

Truth or dare seems like an innocent enough game, but when some of the dares involve illegal and inappropriate activity, you can imagine parents do not want their children getting involved.

Type in truth or dare in your phone app store, and hundreds of these games will be available for you to download. But it's not just the accessibility that parents and child advocates are worried's what the apps are daring children and teens to do.

"They have settings that take it from just a normal truth and dare game can do daredevil or you can do what you call a setting as naughty," says Forensic Interviewer for The Bridge Brea Berry. "That takes the dares to an incredibly inappropriate level for children."

Some of these dares range from giving someone a kiss on the cheek, to running down a busy highway without clothes on. And Amarillo is not alone in seeing rising cases of kids trying some of the crazy dares.

"We've had cases where kids were asked to perform sexual activities through the dares that are generated by the app, answer questions about sexual topics that kids shouldn't be doing and even going so far as to commit crimes such as auto theft or vandalism, things like that," says Berry.

Berry says this is just another reason for parents to talk with their children about the dangers of apps like these.

"If they were in a group setting where they feel that peer pressure of I want to fit in, I want to be cool, but I feel uncomfortable, and I don't want to do this dare, or I don't want to answer this question,  that they feel confident enough to know they can say no and they can leave this situation and they can tell their parents what happened."

Berry says other apps like KIK, Tinder and Meet Me also pose some safety threats, so monitoring is key.

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