Northwest Texas Heart Hospital introduces new robotic assisted vascular machine

Northwest Texas Heart Hospital introduces new robotic assisted vascular machine

A new robot is making waves in Northwest Texas' Heart Hospital because it's drastically changing how stents are places in the heart.

NWTH is the first hospital in Texas to receive and use the new Corindus Robotic Assisted Vascular Procedure Machine. The Corindus Vascular Procedure Robot performs an angioplasty, which is a surgery done over 900,000 times each year in the U.S.

A coronary angioplasty is the opening blocked arteries in the heart. The procedure reduces coronary artery disease which is plaque buildup in the arteries which carry blood to and from your heart.

The new machine allows for the doctor to use a control panel away from the patients bedside. It helps to better control the placement of the stents and balloons as well as providing better visibility for the doctor. This new machine helps increase precision of stent placement, patient outcomes, and decreases doctor and patient exposure to harmful radiation.

"There are a lot of really positive advancement in Northwest Texas Heart Hospital," says Ginny Ginithan, Director of Cardiac and Imaging Services at NWTH. "We are making some really good changes and some positive advances. So, this is part of that whole package we're putting together that's just continuing to give the best service to our patients."

NWTH participated in the clinical trials for the Corindus Robot and was the first hospital in the state to perform a robotic assisted vascular procedure. The goal is extraordinary patients care and outcomes and this new robot helps improve both.

Besides the accuracy of the machines, they take a big step in reducing radiation for both the doctors and patients which is linked to cancer, cataracts, and brain and thyroid diseases.

"We've had changes with stents going from bare metal to drug alluding to now the absorb stent," says Ginithan, "But, this is a game changer in how we actually perform the procedures. So it gives us more complexity in precession, more visualization for the cardiologist, and also in radiation dose reduction.

NWTH participated in the clinical trials for the Corindus Robot And was the first hospital in the state to perform an FDA approved robotic assisted vascular procedure earlier this month. It is a big step for the Heart Hospital in improving patient care and outcomes. Staff in the heart hospital are proud to be a part of this national effort to improve cardiovascular procedures for patients.

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