"Real Men Wear Pink" for breast cancer

"Real Men Wear Pink" for breast cancer
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo's branch of the American Cancer Society is asking men to wear a certain color next month, all for a good cause.

"Real Men Wear Pink" is a new effort the group hopes will raise money for breast cancer research.

Amarillo men are asked to wear something pink every day in October to raise awareness and funds.

"Real Men Wear Pink" is the first fundraising event specifically for breast cancer research Amarillo's branch of the American Cancer Society has ever hosted.

"It's about doing what we need to do to support our family and the ladies in our lives," said Jason McCoy, Senior Marketing Manager for the American Cancer Society. "Unfortunately a lot of people have been touched [by breast cancer], and I think people want to take that on and join in the fight against cancer."

Not just women suffer from this disease - last year, 400 men died from breast cancer.

This campaign aims to bring men into the movement.

And many of our area breast cancer survivors welcome their support.

"For so long with breast cancer awareness, the women have been carrying that battle on, and I'm so glad that the men are getting involved," said Anne Creswell, 11-year breast cancer survivor. "They're going to be working to raise awareness and fundraising for breast cancer and I just think that's great."

The goal is to have at least 10 men in the community pledge to raise $1,000 each for breast cancer research while wearing something pink every day in October.

Seven participants have committed so far, but McCoy is hoping many more will want to join the cause.

"It's a topic that faces a lot of families, and any opportunity that we can do to create awareness that will save lives we're going to do that," said McCoy. "It's a year that fundraising has been difficult across the country, but it's much more than that. We've learned that when you do things the right way and create awareness and get support, then donations come later."

Guys, there's still time to join the challenge.

If you're interested in participating, you can contact Jason McCoy at 806-584-8191 or via email at jason.mccoy@cancer.org.

Men who reach the $1,000 fundraising goal will be presented with a pink tie they can wear throughout the year to continue to raise awareness for breast cancer.

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