Amarillo bullying victim featured on bullying advocacy website

Published: Sep. 5, 2016 at 8:29 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 6, 2016 at 2:14 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - After seeing the story here first on Newschannel 10, an organization has made it their mission to protect a local bullying victim.

Surprised at how little help Mia Munoz's family was getting, an organization all the way from New York stepped in to be a support system and show her she's not alone.

We told you about her a month ago. Mia Munoz was scared of doing everyday teenager things like going to the mall or skating, all because of bullies.

But these bullies took it to the extreme, threatening her life. Unfortunately, there was not a whole lot police could do, and her mother needed help.

Now, the be-a-friend project is stepping in. And Mia is the first kid from Texas to be involved.

"It's's needed," says Naomi Reyes. "It was a lot of help to have. I don't think me and Mia would be able to be where we are right now, to be able to smile, to be able to hear her laugh again if we didn't have that support system."

"It makes me feel sad for those other kids because they probably don't have someone to help them," says Mia.

The site brings kids and parents together to support children who are victims of the all too common bullying, by sharing letters, photos, and various words of encouragement.

"It's really important, it's very very important," says Reyes. "At the time, last time we spoke, I had nobody. I felt like it was just me and her against everyone and then to have that support made me just feel like we're not alone. We had so many people behind us, we had so many people there to stand with us, to stand up against these people with us."

And some more good news, the bullies have not confronted Mia since we last spoke, which is a huge feat considering how scared she once was.

"I like it because now I can go to the mall and stuff without being scared of these girls just showing up and coming up to me and trying to fight me or something," says Mia. "I can be on my phone without reading all these messages and stuff."

Co-President of the Be-A-Friend Project Jennifer Young says letting these traumatized kids know they are not alone and have the support of their peers is their goal.

And though the bullying laws in Texas are not very strict, they will work to urge it.

To send Mia a letter of encouragement, visit See the Wish's website.

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