Amarillo mother hoping for stricter bullying laws and more resources

Published: Aug. 4, 2016 at 10:15 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 4, 2016 at 10:45 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Amarillo mother says she has exhausted all of her options as bullies continue to take hateful words to another level.

Like most mothers, Naomi Reyes does whatever she can to ensure her daughter's safety. But after her daughter received death threats from other children, she knew something had to be done, though she does not feel it is enough.

Naomi Reyes' daughter is like many kids her age. At 13, she enjoys spending time at the mall, parks, and the bowling alley.

But lately Reyes says she has kept her inside after young girls began bullying her. She said what crossed the line was when she received messages like this: "Kill yourself or I will kill you."

"It ranges from you're fat, you're ugly to go kill yourself to I'm going to kill you, we are going to kill you," Naomi said. "We're going to slice your throat. We're going to burn your house down with you in it. It just ranges from different things."

While a report has been filed with the Amarillo Police Department, bullying laws in Texas are not strict enough to allow officers to move forward and take action.

"If it's something that's a cell phone and it's back and forth, you know it's not an imminent threat, there's no real danger," officer Jeb Hilton said. "If these people start maybe driving by your house or showing up knocking on your door, that's when this becomes an imminent threat of danger."

"It's kind of scary because I'm scared that one day I can be like just at a grocery store and they can come up and we can't do anything about it," Naomi's daughter said.

Naomi felt threatened enough to move her daughter to a different school than the one her bullies will attend this upcoming year. But what she really wants is relief from a situation that she wouldn't wish upon any other young girl or her mother.

"Who knows how many other girls these girls are bullying," Naomi said. "I'm just looking for help, I'm just looking to have that peace of mind that my daughter's going to be safe."

The family is hoping for not only stricter laws against bullying, but more resources outside of school so that young girls aren't afraid to be young girls.

Amarillo police do not want this to discourage parents from reporting any cases like these.

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