STAAR test issues in the panhandle

STAAR test issues in the panhandle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As state officials are working to find missing answers to the STAAR test, some students around the panhandle are wondering if they will have to take the test for a second time.

River Road ISD Testing Coordinator, Sandra Spalding says "Some of them when I go in as district testing coordinator to try to check and make sure everything was submitted correctly and that we can complete the process of submitting their test, there was around 12 students that there electronic tests are not cooperating."

Those 12 students felt the devastation of finding out their hours of work was missing and they were not the only ones. 39 other students from AISD also got the bad news their answers were gone. The Texas Education Agency is taking partial responsibility for the problems across the state. They contracted a new company to help them administer the test. The Educational Testing Service says they are new to standardized testing and have not worked out the bugs in the system.

De'Etta Culbertson from the TEA says, "It is totally unacceptable. ETS is a multi-national company. They conduct numerous tests across the county and this is not something that is acceptable and the excuse of 'Well we're new to administering assessments or administering this assessment' is unacceptable."

Thankfully for our schools most of the testing is still done by hand, but schools like River Road are left in the dark about how to handle this situation and administrators are worried about how this could effect the schools accountability, which would jeopardize their ranking and state funding.

Culbertson continues, "There will be no adverse affects on the students and or the districts but we have not released anything formal in that regard. But, we will be sending information at a later date to the districts as to how this will be addressed for the student promotion and the accountability."

The ETS is working to find the missing answers but students may have to retake the test to be able to graduate.

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