Amarillo racer honors breast cancer patients, families

Amarillo racer honors breast cancer patients, families
(Source: KFDA)
(Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO (TX) -  Racing for a cause. That's what one Amarillo man is doing, but he needs some help.

Breast cancer and racing don't usually go hand in hand, but a local race car driver is racing to raise awareness. And you can help him.

Josh Barnette races cars here locally. But this car will be different than any one he has raced before.

He is asking anyone who has been touched by breast cancer to sign the vehicle before he hits the raceway.

"This year I decided to go away from doing all the sponsors and sponsorship money to try and promote breast cancer awareness. It's something that really touches my heart and I believe people need to be more aware of it," says Barnette.

Barnette's goal is to get as many signatures as he can to make a statement against breast cancer in the Amarillo area.

Angela Hale is a breast cancer survivor and made her way out to write her name on the car.

"It is very good to know that there are others out there and to have the support system for the breast cancer survivors and patients. Everybody wants support," says Hale.

"I've seen many women that have fought this and I know the struggle and the pain that they go through and it makes us big, burly men seem like weenies honestly. They're heroes in my eyes. They're tough. The pain is just unexplainable. And that again touched my heart and God and that has led me to doing this," says Barnette.

A mass signing event will take place Saturday from seven to noon at the Christian Heritage church on Nelson.

As far as how Barnette is feeling with the response from people...

"Honestly, nervous. Just on hopes that I can do well enough to promote their names and not look like a complete fool out there. Honestly, that's my biggest hope is that I can make the car do what it's supposed to do and handle like it's supposed to handle and make these names actually mean something more."

Barnette will be racing opening night at the Route 66 Speedway on April 30th.