Councilman Brian Eades to resign, big plans for future in Colorado

Councilman Brian Eades to resign, big plans for future in Colorado

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amid the changes going on in the Amarillo City Council, a member has announced his resignation.

Brian Eades has been on the council for nine years. And in his tenure he has seen some highs, as well as some lows.

But he and his wife are ready for change.

Come July, this seat will be empty.

Councilman Brian Eades has announced he will be resigning, to further his medical career in Colorado. While the timing of his resignation has left some wondering, he says this move has been in the works for a while.

"I began to pursue my Colorado medical license two years ago and we have bought a little place to build a little house and we've been looking at that for a couple of years now, so really the recent controversy that we've experienced all occurred after we had already made this decision. We just needed to put our decision into place," says Eades.

But despite the mishaps on the council, Eades says he is confident in the direction the council is going in. He tells us all of the construction and development downtown is a prime example.

"I am very happy with the things we've been able to accomplish, but individually there's some we've left behind. We've got to do so much more on the northeast and southeast part of town. And I like the heart of the council as it remains because they've placed a focus on those types of projects and I congratulate them and I look forward to watching them progress," says Eades.

Although Eades and his wife will be leaving in a few months, he says they will definitely find their way back.

"My family has been in Amarillo since the 50's and I have no question that we'll be back. We all intend to have our final resting place right here in Amarillo, Texas. And so this is a little project Jennifer and I are going to do for about ten years and where we intend to spend our golden years has yet to be determined, but it's probably going to be right here in Amarillo, Texas."

It is now up to the council who remains to appoint a replacement until the next city election.