Local church being sued after allegations of molestation of a minor

Published: Jan. 13, 2016 at 4:54 PM CST|Updated: Jul. 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM CDT
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Randy Castillo
Randy Castillo

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) –  An Amarillo church is facing a large lawsuit, stemming from incidents that allegedly took place in 2014.

It's known for it's huge size and being vocal in serving thousands of people from around the panhandle. But today trinity fellowship church is facing a lawsuit for allegations of keeping quiet.

A law firm out of Lubbock has filed a suit toward trinity fellowship on behalf of an Amarillo minor.

The lawsuit says Randy Castillo, a volunteer at the church used his position to interact with multiple young female attendees...including their client. She says Castillo sexually molested her in 2014 on multiple occasions and asked for pornographic materials.

"And this relationship continued until January of 2015 when my client's parents discovered the communications on the child's cell phone and then reported it to law enforcement. After the parents discovered the sexual abuse, they reported it to law enforcement, pastor Randy was indicted and his indictment is pending," says Attorney Kevin Glasheen.

Castillo was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, but bonded out. While his case is still pending, Glasheen says this lawsuit is being filed against the he tells us Trinity was aware of this and never alerted authorities or parents, allegedly allowing the abuse to continue.

"You have an obligation under the law if you're aware that somebody is abusing a child, you have a duty to report that, and you are committing a crime if you fail to make such reports, so we believe that the church committed a crime," says Glasheen.

In a statement, Trinity Church tells us Castillo occasionally served on the volunteer team working with 4-year-olds and served at their 2014 summer camp for first through fourth graders.

They say prior to his involvement at the church, Castillo underwent the proper screening process to ensure no criminal offenses. They also tell us Castillo was removed from volunteer service as a precautionary measure after allegations of improper contact.

The law firm is encouraging anyone with additional information including other alleged victims to contact them. And Trinity is welcoming church members to share any questions or comments they may have.

We will bring you the latest as this story continues.

Click here to read the Plaintiff's Original Petition and Jury Demand.

The attorney for the case, Kevin Glasheen, said, "We sued Trinity Church because we have learned that the church had information about Pastor Randy asking junior-high-aged girls for nude pictures. The church failed to report that fact to any authorities or the parents of these children. The church instead allowed Pastor Randy to continue to participate in church activities. As a direct result of the church's neglect, Pastor Randy was able to continue sexually assaulting my minor female client for months. The abuse didn't stop until the victim's mom found suspicious texts on her daughter's phone and confronted her. We believe this conduct was not isolated to our client and ask that anyone with additional information including other victims please come forward and contact us."

Castillo was indicted in March of 2015 for the allegations.

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