New Year's Resolution, to beat cancer

New Year's Resolution, to beat cancer

Amarillo, TX - While most young folks are prepping for new year's eve festivities, one local young woman is prepping for a life changing surgery.

Sarah Miller says she will remain positive in 2016 despite doctors saying she running out of time. Her new year's resolution -- to beat cancer.

"I'd never thought I would get this kind of disease, like it's the worse thing that could ever happen to us," said Miller.

Just by a quick glance, and you wouldn't think Sarah is fighting Mesothelioma, especially at the young age of 20. The majority of people affected by this type of cancer are in their 50's or 60's.

"Whenever I was told I had Mesothelioma that is caused by exposure to Asbestos, I told myself it will be easy to beat," said Miller. "But, then I looked online and read what it is."

Miller was diagnosed with the deadly form of cancer in July. She and her family are headed to Dallas next week for surgery to remove her left lung, followed by chemotherapy and radiation for several weeks. Doctors tell Miller that even with the surgery, she might only live two or three more years.

"I couldn't imagine losing my family, they're really important to me, my son and my husband," said Miller.

Despite these odds, Miller says her family helps her stay strong and positive.

"Sarah is so amazing. She still cleans the house everyday, she takes care of business, she works, she does a lot and it's just incredible that someone can do that and be so sick," said Miller's husband, Logan Miller.

While 2016 may hold a rough journey for her, Miller says not becoming another cancer statistic is a New Year's resolution she plans to keep.

"I'm just keep the faith, live life to the fullest, and kick cancer," said Miller.

A go fund me page has been set up for Miller and her upcoming surgery.

If you would like to help or simply give your best wishes, click here.