Christmas lights shine bright in Bishop Hills

Christmas lights shine bright in Bishop Hills

BISHOP HILLS, TX - Heading northwest on Tascosa Road north of Loop 335, you can't miss the lights.

They shine over the hills like a beacon to a Christmas paradise.

And they've done so for almost fifty years.

In the early 1960s, a couple residents of Bishop Hills decked out their houses for Christmas.

Neighbors took notice, and wanted to join in.

Soon, house after house was lit up for Christmas, and word got out to the public.

Now throughout the month of December, it's common to see bumper to bumper traffic in the neighborhood as people from all over Amarillo come to see the Christmas lights of Bishop Hills.

Carolyn Hudnell moved to the neighborhood in 1977, and has been a part of the tradition ever since.

Her and her husband Roy have around 120,000 lights and 70 or more power chords run through their property each Christmas.

They even built a separate garage to store all their equipment.

The Hudnells start decorating November 1st to prepare for the neighborhood's grand debut at the beginning of December.

It's a lot of work, and the couple does it all themselves, but they say it's worth it.

"I'll be close to the door, and I'll hear children say, 'oh look at that,'" said Mrs. Hudnell. "They just exclaim and it gets you excited!"

She said she's received several cards thanking her for the light display, and seeing how happy people are makes the whole experience even better.

"We had a policeman that came by and asked if we would mind if he surprised his fiance by proposing in our yard," said Mrs. Hudnell. "This was three years ago. They came by this Christmas with a child and thanked us."

The Hudnells agree there are only two downsides to their extravagant decorations.

The first is they have to stay up late to turn off the lights, and the second is the high electricity bill.

But they do not plan to stop any time soon.

"She'll probably go crazy again next year and put up a lot more," said Mr. Hudnell.

The lights at Bishop Hills are on every night through the end of December.