Liberty theatre square coming to fruition

Published: Nov. 20, 2015 at 11:14 PM CST|Updated: Jul. 18, 2016 at 6:21 PM CDT
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Amarillo, TX -   An historic downtown building may soon see the revamp many have been hoping for.

The Liberty Theatre was built in 1921, and with it's historic value, officials are hoping they can soon raise enough money to restore the building to working condition.

This is what it looked like in its heyday. The Liberty Theatre served as a go-to location for cinema seekers in Amarillo.

And at the time it was built, it was the only segregated theatre where African Americans could attend. But time has taken its toll, and the building is in some rough shape.

Now hopes of restoring it are coming to fruition.

"The Liberty theatre is one of those that tells a very important story, related to the African American history there. And so we want to keep that history in mind and tell that story while bringing the building back to life," says Melissa Dailey with Downtown Amarillo Inc.

"We want to preserve that history," says Keith Grays on the restoration committee. "Our people sat there, my ancestry is in that building. It's not black, white, it's Jewish. It's saxon protestant, catholic, it's all inclusive to Amarillo. Amarillo is still the salt of the earth. We are the light of the world and we're not gonna let it go out and we're not even going to let it dim."

So what do they need to move forward with the plan that will also include a new park? Dailey says patience...and a lot of money.

"It's one of only two remaining. We need to raise about a million dollars for the 2 buildings to restore them and bring them back to life," says Dailey.

Downtown Amarillo Inc. plans to use the building for performances and events, but most of all, they say they want youth in Amarillo to know the rich history of the theatre.

"We're gonna raise a million dollars by the help of god and our fellow men here in the Texas panhandle and we're gonna leave another generation this history to pass on to its generations," says Grays.

While blueprints for the redevelopment are sketched, the group can not move forward until the money is raised. If you would like to donate toward reviving the liberty theatre, visit downtown