Police re-open criminal investigation involving Stanley Marsh

Published: Oct. 8, 2015 at 7:49 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 18, 2016 at 6:20 PM CDT
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Amarillo. TX - Amarillo police detectives have reopened a criminal investigation of a Stanley Marsh case.

Attorney Chad Pinkerton says this has been a long time coming. Amarillo Police detectives are now investigating the molestation and sex trafficking of several Amarillo teenagers....allegedly by Stanley Marsh.

An original investigation received national headlines...leading to the indictment of late, local millionaire Stanley Marsh. He died in June of last year, but new evidence uncovered has police reviewing evidence and taking statements in a new investigation.

Houston attorney Chad Pinkerton says he represents ten men who were ages 16-17 at the time the incidents occurred.

"These boys would be solicited to come to Mr. Marsh's residence or his place of business where he would pay money to them for sex or sex acts," says Pinkerton. "Recently I filed a new petition bringing an allegation of human trafficking under the Texas statutory law."

But with Stanley Marsh no longer here, who will this fall upon?

The Pinkerton Law Firm says they uncovered evidence that suggests Marsh's wife, son, former lawyer and former employees all covered up the ongoing operation.

"My allegation is that all of these people knew or should've known of these activities and done something to stop it, that's number one. And number two, some if not all of these individuals participated in some way in the civil conspiracy to get these boys to perform sex acts for Mr. Marsh," says Pinkerton.

Amarillo Police have taken over the criminal investigation of the case, and Pinkerton continues to cover the civil side. While he is not able to speak on all of the charges those involved can face, he has one main concern.

"My clients have been tremendously harmed by the acts of Mr. Marsh. Their lives are essentially in disarray at this point. Many of them are jobless. several of them are homeless, most of them are drug addicts or recovering drug addicts. Some of them have been in jail, committed crimes. Some of them are currently in rehab. Some of them need to go to rehab. None of them finished their education properly to promote a life that would be good for them and it all stemmed from the beginnings with Mr. Marsh."

We reached out to Amarillo Police, and all they are able to tell us is none of the people named in the release have been arrested or charged.