Demolition begins on historic apartment complex

Demolition begins on historic apartment complex

Amarillo, TX -  A historic Amarillo building is seeing it's last day being completely upright.

This building has sat completely vacant for a while now, but being the historic site that it is, some aren't excited to see it go.

It was erected in 1926 and originally called the Palo Duro Apartments....In fact, pictures and the original list of residents remain. Along the way, the name changed to Jackson Square apartments and time took it's toll.

The neighborhood association had one year to refurbish the building, facing demolition if they couldn't. Steve Pair with the association tells us time was the enemy.

"Of course when you look at a project this, big a year is not exactly the longest...probably not enough time to identify that developer, give them time to study it come in and really work up a plan to do it," says Pair. "So I think we're pretty disappointed and a little bummed out that the building is coming down."

While a rich piece of history to many, some in the neighborhood say the building has become an eyesore and a magnet for crime.

"It eventually just got downgraded and downgraded and you would see that with it being fixed up and everything but I just saw that house just saw the building rot away that's all I saw," says neighborhood resident Sue Hood.

After seeing the building first-hand for 20 years, Hood says she is happy to see the complex come down.

"We all hate it there was was messing up our neighborhood in a way because it's abandoned and in a way it was just destroying our neighborhood," says Hood.

Pair says the group is rather disappointed with the outcome of the building, however he thinks there is still room to preserve history in the area.

"You just get a sense of pride. The community had pride, the neighborhood had pride about this building. One of the first high rises in Amarillo you know, multi-story buildings and so it's just a shame that we're going to lose that history. You know, there's no doubt that whatever BCS puts here will be nice, but again once this buildings like this are gone, we lost a  piece of our history for our community that we simply cannot get back."