A history of Claude in the movies

A history of Claude in the movies
Tom Christian
Tom Christian

Amarillo, TX - Claude might be a small town, but some big names have passed through while filming some of most iconic movies of all time.

Ever heard of the Gem Theater? The name speaks for itself, and this year, the theater is turning 100 years old.

Noted as perhaps one the greatest rancher films of all time, 'Hud' was partially filmed in Claude.

One of Hollywood's bad boy characters took center stage right here in this little town.

The handsome Paul Newman plays the iconic role of Hud, a hard-drinking, arrogant, womanizing heartthrob.

The movie represents the hard-working cattle ranchers in Texas, with a touch of romance and of course, deception.

You can even find the original 'Hud' house outside of town.

If you're lucky, you might catch the movie playing at the Gem theater, where the original premiere took place.

However, that's not the only movie that has made Claude famous.

"'Christmas Sunshine' was filmed here," Tom Christian, an local and extra in the movie 'Hud', said. "It's been interesting because I've been in three movies and haven't been out of Claude."

In fact, remember the final sunset scene from 'Indiana Jones' where he rides off into the sunset?

That's Christian's son on their ranch.

That's right; 'Indiana Jones Last Crusade' was Claude, Texas.

"We have a lot of talent here, a lot of talent, because we have plays here in this theater and all local talent," Sylvia Lansbury, Gem Theater Coordinator, said. "We put on several plays. We have something going on every month in the theater."

Claude has certainly had its share of fame, and if you'd like to witness it, you can visit the Gem Theater or the Armstrong County Museum.

You might even get an autograph from local extras who were in the movies.