Open Carry In Texas: How will it affect businesses?

Open Carry In Texas: How will it affect businesses?

Amarillo, TX - As individual regulations stay the same, how will businesses will be required to abide by the law?

Open carry won't impact business much, but there are a few details that business and gun owners should be aware of.

Open carry in Texas has been a long debated issue. If passed, it will not only affect those who carry, but those with public businesses who interact with people on a daily basis.

"There are two aspects to employers or businesses," Ed McConnell, an Amarillo Attorney, said. "An employer may prohibit an employee from bringing a concealed or openly carried handgun. A business can also can prohibit persons to come into their premises with a concealed handgun or and openly carried handgun if they post the proper signage."

Under 30.06, which pertains to concealed handguns, businesses must provide a sign on their window in clear view that shows it does not permit handguns. The same goes for open carry and is described under 30.07. This means businesses will need a total of 4 signs posted on their windows, two in English and two in Spanish. Permitting guns on the property is in the hands of the business owner.

If guns are not permitted, gun owners cannot cross the entrance to the door with their guns. Doing so will result in criminal charges. As for businesses who serve alcohol, things are a little more strict.

"Businesses that serve alcohol, it depends on how much income they derive from alcohol sales," McConnell said. "If they derive more than 51 percent. Neither a licensed, neither an open carry or concealed may bring the weapon on there."

McConnell said most restaurants do not have large incomes based solely on alcohol, meaning it's up to the owners discretion to allow guns on the property. He said states who have passed open carry, such as Oklahoma and Colorado, have a reduced crime rate because he believes an open weapon from a licensed citizen diverts criminals.