A local holistic doctor faces charges after posting vicious threats

A local holistic doctor faces charges after posting vicious threats

Amarillo, TX - Charges are being filed against a local holistic doctor after his facebook post threatened the lives of local doctors.

This isn't the first time the man known as Dr. Fitt has made headlines. Although his other offenses weren't as daunting, this time officials say he's crossed the line.

Roby Mitchell has earned his way yet again into the local spotlight after taking to social media when he learned of the death of his beloved friend and reported patient, Jodi Bytheway.

Based on Mitchell's Facebook page, Bytheway was dear to him. He posted various videos and pictures of her while fighting cervical cancer.

Mitchell practices holistic's, meaning his medicine treats both the mind and body. When Bytheway needed a procedure, she was cared for by Dr. Robert Kauffman and his staff at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

According to Mitchell's Facebook she apparently died in their care, resulting in this post.

"Make no mistake that my desire is to put a bullet into the head of Robert Kauffman and all of his flying monkeys that participated in her demise."

He then goes on to say that he will track these people down until he breathes his last breath.

"Terroristic threat is a statement that implies or states an imminent threat to do something bad, murder assault, or whatever to a another person with the intent of causing fear or a reaction in the person you're making the statement about," James Farren, Randall County District Attorney, said. "In fact, the law doesn't even require the other person to actually be in fear, if your intent is to cause that kind of reaction, that alone can be enough to end up with criminal charges."

After learning of this incident , we reached out to Texas Tech who released this statement.

"Robert P. Kauffman, M.D., is a professor and regional chairman for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Medicine at Amarillo. TTUHSC is aware of the social media posting. The matter is being handled by law enforcement."

Farren said he believes there is sufficient evidence to justify terroristic threat charges, so his office will be doing so.

Back in 2004, Mitchell's medical license was suspended after prescribing medicine to patients without conducting tests on them first. Although his license to practice medicine was revoked, he legally has the right to call himself a doctor because he earned the degree.

Because Mitchell threatened more than one person he could face stacked felony charges and serve time in jail. We did reach out to Mitchell who didn't return any phone calls.