Abdominal pain after the holidays

Abdominal pain after the holidays

If you consumed a lot of fatty foods over the holidays and are experiencing stomach pains, it may indicate a bigger issue.

One reason abdominal pain can flare up after the holidays is because people have consumed an excess of fattening foods.

Experts say this can be the cause of a bigger issue, gallbladder problems.

A local surgeon with Texas Tech's Health Sciences Center, Alan Sbar, says they see a spike this time of year of people experiencing stomach issues.

"When you talk about the acute right on the spot problems from having fatty foods, the pain that people often experience is gallbladder disease. Fatty foods increase the cholesterol in your blood are also increasing cholesterol pretty much everywhere. It gets deposited specifically in the gallbladder. That increased cholesterol tends to fall out of the solution and become stones" says Sbar.

Common signs of a gallbladder condition are severe abdominal pain, pain that increases when you breathe in deeply, and pain that worsens after eating a meal.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see your doctor for a gallbladder check.