UPDATE: Pampa police officer in stable condition after shooting

UPDATE: Pampa police officer in stable condition after shooting
Patrol Sergeant Houston Gass
Patrol Sergeant Houston Gass

Pampa, TX - Patrol Sergeant Houston Gass is now in stable condition at a Lubbock hospital after a disturbance call turned into a shooting.

The incident happened when Pampa police were called to a house on Nelson Street for a domestic disturbance around 10:35 Tuesday morning with reports of shots fired. The officers, including Sgt. Gass, attempted to make contact with the occupant inside.

"During the contact, additional shots were fired and a Pampa police officer (Sgt. Gass) was injured. He was hit by a round. He was taken to the Northwest Texas Hospital and has since been transferred to Lubbock," said DPS Trooper Daniel Hawthorne.

The Amarillo Police Department SWAT, the Gray County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Public Safety arrived to help apprehend the suspect inside the home.

Neighbors like Patricia Jones watched events unfold for the next 4.5 hours. "They tried to get the robot in there and I guess they couldn't because it was so cluttered inside," said Jones. "We were told he was in the attic when they tear gassed him and then he came down. About that time, we just heard the tear gas go through the windows and them yelling 'suspect is in living room, suspect is in living room' and then we just heard four shots."

Trooper Hawthorne said the suspect was shot in the leg during the stand-off and is recovering at a hospital.

They are not releasing the name of the suspect, but Jones said this is not the first time he has caused problems in the neighborhood. "He's not a very nice guy. I do know that. He has started stuff with us a while back when we first moved into this house. He tried to start stuff with my boyfriend and tried to sick a dog on my son and my boyfriend and him ended up getting into a fight about it."

Officials said the suspect will be booked into the Gray County jail once he is out of the hospital. 



Pampa, TX - A stand off in Pampa ends with gun shots and one man taken into custody.

DPS Trooper Daniel Hawthorne said a Pampa police officer responded to a 911 call of a domestic disturbance at 10:35 a.m. in the 500 block of Nelson Street in Pampa. When Patrol Sergeant Houston Gass approached the home for the call, that's when the officer was shot.

Officer Gass was airlifted to NWTH in Amarillo and then transported to a hospital in Lubbock. Officer Gass is in stable condition.

The suspect barricaded himself in his home. Hawthorne said the suspect was shot in the leg.

The suspect is being treated for his injures and then will be booked into the Gray County jail.


Pampa, TX - Amarillo police say they are assisting Pampa police in an incident were a Pampa officer was injured.

The Amarillo Bomb Squad, SWAT, and APD Mobile Command are on scene assisting the Pampa Police Department, The Department of Public Safety and the Gray County Sheriff's Office. 

Sources tell us an officer went to a Pampa home in the 500 block of Nelson Street on a disturbance call.

The officer was shot in the face and was airlifted to an Amarillo hospital.

The suspect has barricaded themselves in the home.