Concealed carry concerns after 2-year-old kills mother with a handgun

Published: Dec. 31, 2014 at 9:46 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 31, 2014 at 10:57 PM CST
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Concerns have surfaced after a 2-year-old in Idaho reaches into his mother's purse, accidentally shoots and kills her with her concealed handgun.

This is just one incident that local gun experts say should be used as a learning tool.

Local concealed handgun trainer, Richard Weathers says the incident was tragic, but could have happened to anyone. 

"I think too many times we get so wrapped up in our things and anybody who carries a gun or has thought about one, that happens to them, including myself," said Weathers.

Others think this situation could have be prevented.

"Maybe keep a gun in your purse with a holster that might have a level two locker on them, like a Velcro snap top, button top or some type of push button that will actually release the gun, that way if you have younger kids around that can get into your purse, they can't just pull the gun out and have an open trigger," said Manger of Erwin Pawn Shop in Amarillo, Hayden Erwin.

In some cases, people say women have a harder time concealing their weapons than men.

"Men can wear it in a holster on the side of their belt, a lot of women can't because of the way their clothes are styled," said Weathers.

When it comes to carrying a gun in a purse, some think it should be the last resort.

"They do make a few different holsters, bra style holsters that are for women that do help for concealing a gun," said Erwin.

Weather says if women are going to conceal carry, they should get a purse that is designed for carrying a concealed weapon.

"Usually there's a zipper on the side and they can slide the gun in there and it's secured," said Weathers.

Weathers says this accidental death should remind our Texas gun owners they need to find a balance between having the handgun accessible while also keeping it out of the wrong hands.

The open carry handgun bill, which would allow people to carry their handgun in sight, will be up for discussion in just a few weeks when the legislative session starts January 13th.

Many people think with this new bill it will make it easier for both men and women to carry handguns in public.