Pit bull bites man, dog shot by officer

Pit bull bites man, dog shot by officer

Amarillo, TX - Some local residents say they will sleep easier Monday night, knowing they can walk down their streets without fear of a dog attack.

A pit bull neighbors call "the beast" has been put down with permission from its owner after the dog bit a man walking in the 300 block of Virginia and almost attacked a police officer.

The sign in front of the dog's house reads "beware of dog," but many neighbors heeded its warning beyond the confinement of the yard's chain-link fence. 

Some even called Animal Management and Welfare several times to the house because of the dog's aggressive behavior. 
Neighbors said the pit bull frequently hopped over the yard's 3 ft. fence and ran around the neighborhood.

"He's been out several times," said neighbor Terry Easter. "He is a very vicious dog. Oh he'll try and bite you if he gets out of that fence. This morning he chased a girl down an alley." That wasn't all he did. The loose pit bull also bit a man walking down the street before jumping back into the fenced yard.

An Amarillo police officer called to the scene of the dog attack approached the pit bull's  house to talk to the owners who were not home at the time. "As one of my motor officers started to make sure that dog maintained or stayed in the yard, the dog started to come out of the yard and over the fence on him. He fired, striking that dog," explained Lt. Gary Trupe.

The officer had to shoot the dog twice before he finally retreated. Animal Management and Welfare officers took custody of the dog and transported him to a veterinarian. Monday evening, the pit bull's owners gave permission to euthanize the dog because of his past history of aggression.

Neighbors like Terry Easter said they are relieved the neighborhood is now a little safer. "I'm glad he's gone. It's absolutely safer because he could get over that fence."

The owners of the dog also have a female pit bull, but neighbors said she has shown no signs of aggression.

Because an officer did fire his weapon in the line duty, the Amarillo Police Department Internal Affairs investigator is looking into the incident.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10