Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library

Jack Williamson Science Fiction Library

Portales, TX - One of the top science fiction collections in the world calls Portales home.

The Jack Williamson library contains more than 30-thousand volumes of various science fiction novels.

Many of the items were donated from the personal collection of science fiction pioneer, Jack Williamson, a winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

Gene Bundy a librarian at ENMU says this collection is recognized all over the nation."It is probably as close as we can estimate, the third largest science fiction library in the United States that is open and accessible to the public. There are some larger ones, but they are not accessible to the public. Ours is totally accessible and anyone can come in at any time and take advantage of all the great books we have in here," said Bundy.

Williamson taught for 17 years as a faculty member in the English Department at ENMU and called Portales home.