Cadillac Ranch celebrates 40 years

Cadillac Ranch celebrates 40 years

Stanley Marsh 3's death has made headlines this week and Saturday it will be what he left behind that will be attracting attention.

Just days after Marsh passed away, Cadillac Ranch celebrates it's 40th anniversary, a milestone that's drawing all sorts of people to the iconic landmark. Since 1974 the Cadillacs have collected 40 years worth of paint, each design holding a unique message.

Every year, thousands of people head out to the pop art icon, a display that all started with a vision. "Those Cadillacs are buried there kind of as a tribute to our conspicuous consumption of the late 50's and early 60's," Eric Miller with the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council, told us."Mr. Marsh who developed it was certainly a very eccentric personality, I think it all rolled up into this incredible experience," he added.

The 10 Cadillacs have withstood our panhandle weather, layers of paint and even a move."It was stuck in a field right behind the Home Depot and Mr. Marsh said 'gee the city is too close so I am moving the cars.' And he moved them just a little bit out of town so they could stand by themselves and they have been there since about the year 2000," Miller said.

And while it may have a different meaning for everyone who stops by, one thing is certain, Stanley Marsh 3 has left his mark, standing upright in a field. Cadillac Ranch is currently in the running for USA Today's "best quirky landmark."

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