Stanley Marsh 3 has passed away

Stanley Marsh 3 has passed away

Amarillo, TX - Stanley Marsh 3 passed away Tuesday afternoon at the age of 76 according to sources close to the Marsh family.

Marsh is best known for the Cadillac Ranch, which has drawn tourists to Amarillo since the 1970's. He also funded many art projects around Amarillo including the Dynamite Museum, the Floating Mesa, Ozymandias, and hundreds of mock traffic signs.

As the son of a wealthy oilman in the Texas Panhandle, Marsh owned a local television station for years and owned offices on the 12th floor of the Chase Tower in downtown Amarillo.

Marsh and his wife Wendy were philanthropists who supported many organizations over the years including the Ascension Academy, Amarillo College, and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Marsh suffered a series of strokes in 2011 and has been in and out of the hospital in recent months due to severe health issues.

In recent years, he also faced multiple allegations of sexual assault of a minor, but was never convicted.