UPDATE: Amarillo Animal Control euthanasia investigation goes to grand jury

Published: May. 14, 2014 at 7:48 PM CDT
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Amarillo, TX - The Grand Jury of the 251st Randall Country District Court began their investigation into the Amarillo Animal Control euthanasia case Wednesday morning.

The investigation will focus on whether or not illegal practices including the way in which animals were euthanized at the shelter were taking place and who will be held accountable if in fact the law was broken.

District Attorney James Farren explained it is unusual for a Grand Jury to investigate a misdemeanor crime, as is the case with the animal control case, but there are situations in which it is necessary.


The other process the Grand Jury is involved in is when they conduct an investigation themselves. When they become the investigating agency, not just a reviewing agency."

"A grand jury is a powerful investigative body. A person can refuse to talk to a police officer, but they can't refuse to talk to a grand jury. They have no choice," said Farren.

Farren expects the investigation to take two to three weeks. Several witnesses will be called in to give testimony as well.