Residents of Fritch relieved they can finally go home

Residents of Fritch relieved they can finally go home

UPDATE: An assessment team has surveyed the damage of the Fritch Wildfire.

225 homes have been lost and 143 out buildings lost.

241 homes have been saved along with 144 out buildings.

Fritch, TX - Residents of Fritch are feeling more relieved now that they can finally go home after 4 days.

Earlier this morning, cars were lined up all the way down Fritch Fortress road. There were some people that were here as early as



Officials started letting people in at


. But they aren't just letting anyone in, you must live here to go in. They are checking for ID's with physical addresses or ID and proof of residence.

As far as the fire goes, it is still not 100% contained, it still sits at 85%.

There is an assessment team checking the hot spots and making sure nothing catches fire.

Once people are in the area of their homes, they can come and go as they please. Officials will continue patrolling the area.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.