TxDOT decides to discontinue 1610 AM

Published: May. 8, 2014 at 11:06 PM CDT
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Amarillo, TX - After an FCC violation, TxDot decided to shut down 1610 AM.

Spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, Paul Braun says while they were doing a routine check on their license, they realized they were not in compliance with FCC regulations.

That regulation was 1610 AM was broadcasting daily weather information that was not considered emergency weather information...which is what the station is suppose to be used for.

"It was feared the FCC could come in and fine us up to $10,000 a day, which they have done in other states," Braun.

So after a meeting with The National Weather Service and member of The Office of Emergency Management, TxDOT decided to discontinue the station.

"We could continue to use the station if we were to put on our own messages and if we were to upgrade spending about $30,000," said Braun.

But instead, TxDOT will put money toward their message boards and traffic cameras.

TxDOT along with the Amarillo National Weather Service says there are other ways for people in Amarillo to get weather information.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist with The Amarillo National Weather Service, Krissy Scotten says she is very disappointed that 1610 AM is going away but it is still important that people get their weather information.

The National Weather Service says travelers have other options too.

"Your cell phone has different apps and it will automatically alert if there's a tornado warning or flash flood warning. The NOAA radio is good too," said Scotten.

And for those who still like to use a radio, there's another option there too.

"710 AM will also broadcast emergency broadcast," said Scotten.