Scam Alert: local high school students being targeted for scholarship scam

Scam Alert: local high school students being targeted for scholarship scam
Damon Bennett is a senior at Tascosa High School.  
He, like many, have been applying for college and scholarships to help pay his way.  

"I've been expecting a lot of calls for grants and scholarships and things like that," he told us. But, while waiting for those calls, he says he almost became a victim to a scam targeting students in his position

Just last week, he told us he received a call from a woman claiming he would be awarded $7,000 in grant money. She told him, all he had to do was put $200 into an account. 

But when Bennett thought it through, he realized it might be been a scam.    

When we called the number that first reached out to Bennett, the woman who answered did not want to talk to NewsChannel 10. 
"Don't waist my time and your time. Don't call back to this number okay?," she told us before hanging up. 

When we traced the number, it went back to a private line in Washington state. The woman originally claimed she was working for the government but could not provide us with any credentials or the name to a supervisor. 

Damon was lucky and did not become a victim. But, he's afraid someone else will. 

"High schoolers are easy. They will jump on the first thing they can get. You're going to jump on it especially if it's for your college, your career and your future," Bennett said. 

But before you find yourself out $200, Joe Wyatt at Amarillo College want's you to consider this.  

"Any accredited institution in the state of Texas is pretty straight forward. The process is streamlined, you know what you are getting involved with. If you apply for a scholarship, there is no one  at your door trying to sell you one. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." 

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10